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This great Powerful Saint Baba Jai Gurudev has been preaching for upliftment of soul through his religious discourses under the name of "JAI GURUDEV" which is the name of God. This Great Saint attributes the present state of humanity to the five-fold inner weaknesses of man : i.e. lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism. The Saint is therefore busy day by day in what He calls "The reconstruction of the real temple - Human Body", a job which only a great powerful Saint can do.

Baba Jai Gurudev has initiated crores of people providing them the missing link between the Holy Spirit and its source. Through his discourses he has always been making people realize the real purpose of human life. According to him originally we have descended from the highest region.

Now we have again attained the human form after passing millions of ages in the lower species of life. We should therefore utilise this human body to the fullest extent and for the very purpose for which it is extended.

Baba Jai Gurudev reveals that the objective of getting this valuable gift is to know ourselves and our creator and return to our original Home, the ocean of Eternal Peace & Bliss, free from all pain & miseries . Hence this is the golden opportunity with us to attain God. Babaji reveals that human body is made up of five basic elements, namely earth, fire, water, air and sky. This is the only form that has got the power to think and reason. It is only while in this human form that we can set foot on this Glorious Path. No other living creation of God has this ability. In this very form one can meditate and attain salvation. Even the angels long for the human form for this very reason.

Human Body is the supreme creation of God, only because in this very form meditation is possible. Other species cannot follow because they don't have all the five elements present in human body. Other species come on this earth only to pass their period of survival for their wrong deeds while in human form. Souls have to undergo lot of pain for the deeds done while being in human form. HELL is the prison for wrong deeds and HEAVEN for the good deeds. Only great Saints with highly elevated souls can see these two places. This is the reason why these Saints time and again come on this earth to guide and show the right path to human beings.

God has kept a treasure in human body. Only the true spiritual master knows the place. It is with his grace that the inner door of the treasure is revealed and opened.

He opens the Divine Eye within. The God resides in our body, but it is our mind and ego which have drawn a blinding veil between us and our creator. The veil can be lifted and pierced only with the help of a Perfect Master.

Baba Jai Gurudev in his discourses has always made people realize that this human body is a rented house for a meaningful purpose of achieving the Divine in a limited period of time. It is the abode of Lord himself. It is only when the soul unites with the Lord, that we can win the eternal bliss.

This is the reason why Baba Jai Gurudev always insisted in his discourses to be vegetarian, as this is necessary thing to follow spiritualism. This temple should be absolutely clean and pious. If we eat good natural vegetarian food, the thoughts will be clean, soft and pious. And, if we add blood and flesh of other species, the basic physical form of human body will be disturbed and the thoughts will be defiled.


Since human form is extended for this very purpose, it is necessary for human beings to understand and preserve its sanctity, then only one can understand and practice spiritualism. People of every country will have to learn HINDI language to understand spirituality.

So being in human body let people make use of this temple to unite with the ultimate. This is possible only through such Saints who have attained the height of Spirituality.Baba Jai Gurudev preaches the same way to the God thru "Nam yog Sadhana"

What testimony else could there be to Sainthood except the Saint’s own being and his capacity to inspire, guide and then initiate the seekers in the quest of Divine. Therefore, let everyone seek the shelter of the Saint of the ERA for the future guidance and spiritualism.